These Whales Ripping Some 360 Spins Are Gnarly As Heck

If ever there was a time for Sal Masekela to come back and commentate on extreme sports, now would be that time. Back-to-back 360s out of these whales? And both of them were just so clean. 

Did you see the air on that first one? Looked like he had the moon gravity cheat code on. My guy was absolutely shredding. Just charging away out there. Rumor has it he has a 900 in his back pocket but he just hasn't pulled it off in competition yet. Judging by that hang time, I don't doubt it. Just wish we had a chance to see what the rest of this run looked like. A Full Send God like that? I wouldn't be surprised if he worked a couple backflips in there, maybe even a McTwist or two. Legend.