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Ohio State Football Is Back!!!!!!

**Sorry if I didn't clarify -- INTRAMURAL football at Ohio State is back

How in the world is this possible? To make sure we're all on the same page, here is the list of football teams allowed to play this year in the state of Ohio:

- Cleveland Browns

- Cincinnati Bengals

- Cincinnati Bearcats

- Every high school team in the state if they choose to 

- Ohio State flag football

- Youth football leagues

And here is the list of football teams NOT allowed to play this year in the state of Ohio:

- The Ohio State Buckeyes

Folks, if I died tonight, I could officially go to the grave knowing that I've seen it all. Don't tell me that this makes sense. Don't tell me that flag football teams won't be crossing state lines. The fact of the matter is that the Sigma Chi fraternity can throw a kegger on Tuesday night and then show up for their intramural game on Wednesday. That's a 1000000x greater risk than cooping up Justin Fields and the Buckeyes in the Blackwell Hotel while they travel in their self-made bubble to the other Big Ten school's self-made bubbles each weekend. The common student is in way more danger than the Division 1 athlete. Send everyone else home and let the Buckeyes play. Then the school won't lose over a hundred million dollars AND people in Ohio won't blow their brains this Fall. It's as easy as that.

Or here's another idea: have the Buckeyes enter this intramural league. Then we can add Penn State, Wisconsin, and Michigan too. Is that okay, Kevin Warren? Or just let the Ohio State football team run wild all over the common students. Could you imagine Justin Fields in a flag football game?