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The Sixers Hiring Tyronn Lue Would Ruin This Moment Forever And You Just Can't Take That Away From Us

There really haven't been a ton of moments when Sixers fans could be truly happy. Or at least not current Sixers fans. Sure, if you were alive in '83 then good for you. But other than that, there was 2001 and that is pretty much all. Plenty of moments have come since then when Sixers fans thought they had the potential to be truly happy. But we're now seeing that The Process was a failure and hope in this franchise is in a free fall right now. 

The Sixers have made it clear that they're not looking to trade either Ben or Joel. So they really only have one option left to save any shred of hope they once had. And that's to bring in a new coach with a new voice to hopefully find a way to turn this sorry cast of underachievers around. 

But if Ty Lue is really the best you can get right now, well is it really worth it? Is it really worth taking one of the only moments of true happiness you've enjoyed as a fan and betting it on something better that could potentially just turn into absolutely nothing but the same misery? Because if Ty Lue is the head coach of this team, the imagine of Allen Iverson stepping over him in overtime of game 1 would officially be suspended for use by Sixers fans. 

The lasting image of the only NBA Finals win in most of our lives would be no more. You can't go around posting pictures of the man who is supposed to be leading your team to greatness getting completely emasculated like that. The only way you'd ever be able to use this photo again is if Lue got fired and the Sixers hired Allen Iverson to replace him. 

So would it be worth it? I say for sure not. You can't take this memory away from us. Just do whatever it takes to make Jay Wright take the trip down 476 to 76 to the Sports Complex instead. Easier said than done, I'm sure. But the Philadelphia 76ers need to exhaust every single option before settling on Ty Lue and tarnishing a legendary moment for this city. They owe that to us.