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Love Him Or Hate Him, Trevor Bauer Continues To Be Must Watch For The Sport of Baseball

I'm still not sure where most people land on Trevor Bauer, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't care all too much. On one side you have people saying he's a breath of fresh air for a sport that is run by clowns and archaic losers. On the flip side others say his act is tiresome and the fact that he has to always say something for everything is getting old quick. I side with the good for baseball narrative. The dude gets eyeballs on the sport of baseball and is fun as shit to watch throw the baseball. His zero fucks personality is refreshing and the way he pitches is electric. 

Recently Sonny Gray set a Reds record by striking out 45 batters in five appearances. A red hot Bauer said he could top, having struck out 32 through his first 3 starts to begin 2020. 

Budweiser got in the mix and challenged him to break Sonny's mark.

Last night Bauer broke the record with ease and had some fun with it of course, pretending to drink imaginary beers after some punch outs. 

He even drew out "BUDS" on the mound throughout his outing as he crept closer to 46. 

Dude is just trying to make baseball cool again and I love it. 

Is this the baseball version of Steph Curry celebrating a 3 before it goes in the hoop? That strut is fire. 

Now Bauer did take the loss in this one, surrendering 4 runs on 7 hits in 6.1 IP to the Brewers. This is probably where the haters come out of the woodwork to say you can't be pretending to chug beers on the mound while you're getting hit like that. Listen, I hear that, but it's still entertaining. Sure that would probably irk me a bit as a Reds fan, but his body of work so far this year allows him to do whatever he wants. That four run outing raised his ERA to 1.65 after being virtually untouchable through four starts. He should be one of the bigger names on the move in the week with the trade deadline looming. I do wonder where he ends up, especially with so many more teams in the running for a postseason spot this year than normal. 

San Diego seems to be a team that has risen to contender status rather than being a pretender in prior seasons. Add Bauer to that rotation and they become very legit very fast. I don't see the Yankees pursuing him, despite their issues, but I could be wrong. I just don't know how the Cole/Bauer dynamic would work considering they fucking hate each other. We shall see where the dominos fall. For now, Trevor Bauer continues to be great for the sport.