Nothing Brings Me More Joy And Happiness Than Seeing UK Football's Coaches Call The AP Poll What It Is - 'A Joke'

Get em Big Dog! The AP poll is a joke. Doesn't matter the sport, doesn't matter the time the AP poll is a joke. Not including this Kentucky team? JOKE. But you know what? I love it. Give this team more ammo for a 10-game SEC schedule opening at Auburn. The same Auburn team ranked number 11 that people are putting on upset watch in week 1. 

5th is more like it. That's a top-25 team in the country. What more do you want? A QB coming back that won 10 games in his first year? Yep, got that. A transfer from Auburn, who was ranked the No. 3 dual-threat quarterback in his class and is waiting for the transfer waiver? Yep, got that. Arguably the best offensive line in the SEC and one of the best in the country? Oh does Kentucky have that. Not to mention a top-3 defense in the SEC? 

7-3 starts with a win over Auburn in week 1. Joke of a poll.