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DVD's Locks of the Day: August 25th

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

Yesterday: 6-3 (29-17 total)

I mean let's call it like it is. 29-17 is a ridiculously good record considering I've taken no juice over -135 and had a bunch of + money wins sprinkled in there as well. I'm seeing the board like the god damn matrix right now. Fade me straight to bankruptcy because I am seeing the NBA like I'm a fortune teller right now. 5-0 in NBA yesterday. Let's keep it going. 

Jazz -3 and OVER 221

Jazz are closing this thing out today. I can't find it within me to bet my hard-earned money against Donovan Mitchell and the way he's playing right now. Jamal Murray drops a 50 bomb (we don't use the other b word around these parts shoutout my guy Rico Bo$co) and the Nuggets still lose. They're a punch drunk boxer out on their feet right now. They've thrown some big shots but the shots they're being hit with are doing way more damage. Jazz pull away late and close this series out.

Clippers -6.5

The Luka hype is real but I'm going to pump the breaks on it for just this game. Luke I'm sure will play amazing but I feel like the easy thing to do here is get excited about Luka and take the 6.5 points. NO SIRRRR NOT MEEEEE (shouts to Rick Ross). We're laying the 6.5 here. I think we see an extremely motivated Kawhi Leonard to prove why he's the best player on the court and a 2-Time Finals MVP.

Phillies/Nationals OVER 10.5

White Sox -1.5 -110

Giants +175

Lightning -110