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Paul George Disabled The Comments On His Instagram So People Wouldn't Be Mean To Him

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At first there was a part of me that refused to believe this could be true, but then I went to his IG and as of me writing this blog it is in fact true. How incredibly soft of Playoff P Paul George. Oh you are getting tired of every single person on the internet filling your IG posts with nothing but negativity? There are two things you could do in my opinion

1. Play better. At the very least play like you've actually played basketball before. Less stuff like this

and more stuff that looks like the player the Clippers decided to mortgage their entire future for. It also doesn't help when you make these comments

and then don't score the ball or be effective on the other end. Where was that defense as Luka scored a billion points in a must in game?

2. Just don't go on Instagram

This is entirely possible and would give you the same relief of being clowned on the internet while also not coming off as incredibly soft. Playing like dogshit and then removing the comments is the very definition of Charmin soft. That would be like me disabling the comments on the blog because I didn't want people to tell me I suck. If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen as far as I'm concerned. Paul George wants to carry himself like a top 10 player in the league, well with that comes a level of scrutiny if you don't even look like a Top 150 player when the games actually matter. 

There's just no positive when you go with a move like this. It's only going to make things 100000x worse the second he reverses this change. What, George is going to keep the comments disabled forever? No chance. Lord knows he better not do it if the Clippers lose this series. 

The only move here is for the Mavs themselves to troll the shit out of George for this move while everyone is in the bubble. We're at the point of the playoffs where it's all about mental warfare and Paul George has made it very clear he can't handle it. I'd love to see a clip of Luka walking by George asking him why he's not able to comments on his IG while Boban films it and laughs in his face. That's the bubble content I crave.

Now George is stuck. He can't unlock it because things will be 10x worse and if he keeps it locked everyone will just call him softer than baby shit for hiding while he's playing like dogshit. No chance he disables his comments if he was having an awesome series. If I'm Kawhi I'm sitting here legit questioning if this was the right guy to hitch your wagon to. Remember, Kawhi has that player option after next season. The Clippers get bounced early, I'm just saying you can't ignore that.