Tom Segura Asks Tommy Lee To Rank All The Drugs He's Ever Done Best To Worst

(3:15 if it doesn't skip) 

I just discovered Tom Segura's podcast after we had him on Breakfast last week and I can't get enough. This clip is a few months old, but it's one that caught my attention. Any time an old rocker talks about their partying days I love it. A quick recap for those of you who didn't watch: Tommy Lee loves drugs. He loves them almost as much as his wife loves that he loves them. Wasn't that weird? She like lit up every time they started talking about them. Maybe it's their kink.

Anyway, the wildest part of that clip other than his love for heroin and mainlining Jack Daniels was him having his drum tech give him bumps of cocaine once he got to the end of set. That is next level addiction. It's honestly a miracle he's alive considering how hard he used to party. When I think of guys like Tommy Lee I think of Ozzy Osbourne. They just have no business still being on this earth. 

As far as the ranking goes, does anyone really care? Didn't think so. Take it away boys!