Buckle Up Mets Fans! The Amazins Will Play Nine Games Over The Next Six Days, Including A Doubleheader Against The Marlins And Two Doubleheaders Against The Yankees

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I have been a Mets fan long enough to know when a season hangs in the balance over a stretch of games and I'd say playing 15%(!!!) of a season over a week's time against your local rival and divisional rival that dropped the hammer on multiple season-ending collapses fits the bill to a tee. On paper, the Mets playing 7 inning games should be a blessing because that SHOULD limit just how much the bullpen can ruin our lives, which is pretty much the biggest win the Mets have had since 2015. But again, I have been a Mets fan long enough to realize that this will all end with our souls being tortured by the bullpen more than ever. How they actually make that a reality is still TBD but I imagine it will happen in ways we don't expect. Like somehow Robert Gsellman will go 7 strong to start things out before Jacob deGrom runs up a high pitch count, leading to the Gasoline Gang taxing their arms while dumping Regular Unleaded all over a fire-infested diamond. 

And in case all that wasn't fun enough, the final bids to buy the franchise will be due on August 31st after this unholy stretch of baseball is complete and my feelings on whether Uncle Stevie will emerge the winner (along with my happiness as a baseball fan for essentially the rest of my life) will be directly connected to how the Mets perform over the next seven days. Does that make even close to a lick of sense logically? Of course not. But as always with the Mets, when it rains it pours and when it pours it monsoons. So my entire mental well-being over the next week is directly tied to a bunch of doubleheaders with Little League rules in a fraudulent season against a team with the most annoying fanbase on the planet and a team that does not have enough fans to constitute a fanbase. Can't wait!