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The Phillies Won On Maybe the Most Electric Finish of the Year Last Night and Still Should Not Be Happy

There are few things better than a play at the plate to end the game. It's the fucking best, the anticipation, the collision, the emphatic call from the umpire, it really gets hair on your balls to stand up, but this one stunk. The only thing that Philly fans could think of after this play was I can not believe this fucking bullpen was about to do it again. 

8 games. It would have been 8 straight games where the Phillies would have blown a lead. There have been jokes for a while recently that this team might have the worst bullpen in the history of baseball. They may actually have the worst bullpen in the history of baseball. They are currently sitting at an 8.00 bullpen ERA and worst in history is an 8.01. We keep thinking it has to eventually go down but it just won't. We have a 33% save percentage which is honestly laughable. Remember Brad Lidge? Oh, how we took for granted how nice it was to have that 100% save percentage. 

We trade for Boston's Brandon Workman to try to mitigate some of the shit we have been dealing with and the man has been awful in his two appearances. He got the loss on Saturday after giving up the winning run in the ninth and and looked like he would have done the same last night had Swanson just stayed at third. My man has been getting absolutely ripped. 

I mean I guess we'll take the win. Our offense has been awesome. Hoskins looks to be coming out of his slump a little bit. Alec Bohm is going to be an absolute problem for years to come. Even though he had a shit night last night, Harper is still a monstrous beast. This bullpen just absolutely sucks and there's nothing we can do about it. God I hate Philadelphia sports.