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Is Jay Wright Going to be the Next Head Coach of the Sixers?

Philly is burning. Brett Brown is being publicly tarred and feathered. The Sixers stink, and the only thing people are talking about is who will be the next head coach, and it's pretty clear who the people want. Villanova legend, future collegiate Hall of Famer, absolute man rocket, Jay Wright.

Look this is a tough situation for me. I love Villanova basketball. I grew up 5 minutes from campus, I graduated from Nova in 2018, and I have experienced more joy rooting for Villanova Basketball than any other team in my life.  I understand that Jay would be the best man for the Sixers job, but under no circumstance do I believe he should take it. 

First, the timing couldn't be worse. Villanova just resumed classes. He's continuing to build a relationship with his current team that is picked by many to be the number one team in the nation this year. His incoming 2021 recruiting class is ranked number 2 in the country and has the potential to get even better with many people saying 5-star guard Trevor Keels is bound for the Main Line. In regards to the COVID situation, college basketball seems like a much different story than college football as they have much more time to figure out a solution and the roster sizes are so much smaller. Not to mention he is already making close to 4 million a year. He is in a perfect situation right now, so why would he leave that to go to the dumpster fire that is currently fuming through Philadelphia. 

I get the argument that he has accomplished everything in college basketball. I get that he can make the jump to the NBA without having to move his family. I get that the Sixers would probably throw him an absolute bag to get him to go to the league, but is it all worth it? We've already seen that the pay bump doesn't matter to him since he turned down UCLA after they offered doubled his salary.

 Jay Wright has the opportunity to go down in history as one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time. He is on the brink of doing what very few coaches in this country have ever done, and that is to take a program from slightly above average to certified blue blood. His legacy is on the path of greatness, and it could all be ruined if he fails in the NBA. 

The Sixers do not offer a good coaching job right now. It's that simple. The contract situation is absolutely fucked. Al Horford and Tobias Harris have essentially ended everything Sam Hinkie died for. To get rid of those contracts, the Sixers are going to have to attach every single asset they have. Jay would be inheriting a terrible roster that looks like it has very little room for success. I just dont believe he's willing to take on that headache with the current situation he's already in. 

I don't know what the Sixers are going to do. I don't know who they are going to hire, but I do know they aren't going to be taking the best college basketball coach in the country away from Villanova.