Never Go Full Hardo: Wedding Entrance Party Edition

Still got it.  Softest mitts in the history of the Wedding Party game - GUARANTEED. Granted, she could've not led the receiver across the middle to his death, but what are ya gonna do? Made the damn play. That's what you're gonna do.  


Here's some more #NeverGoFullHardo content from when Barstool was actually funny, amiright?????  Or at least tried to be.  And keyword - BARSTOOL.  I've never been funny.  Just lazy.  

Coed Intramural Beer League Softball 

Coed Dodgeball

Coed Intramural Flag Football 

At The Poker Table 

Pro-Lacrosse Halftime Event 

Wedding Oklahoma Drill vs. Holly Mangold 

More Coed Dodgeball For Some Reason (w/ Francis and the Alex who got fired from Barstool Idol)

Vs The Dreaded Infinity Bull

VS. More Mascots - Fuck That Llama


Like I said, still got it. Kind of. 

Live now w/ noted Frankie Borelli hater Sean Avery let's dance.