Luka, Mahomes or Tatis: Which Trade or Draft Day Blunder Is the Worst?

As an Atlanta Hawks fan, the picture of Luka Doncic in a Hawks hat after he was technically drafted by Atlanta is a cause of sheer pain and likely will only get worse for many years to come. But is it worse than the Chicago Bears passing up on Patrick Mahomes for Mitch Trubisky or the Chicago White Sox trading away Fernando Tatis Jr.?

All of these are certainly painful inflection points for those fanbases, but there are several points which must be considered to truly find which of these blunders was the worst. The most obvious is what each team got in return. The Hawks probably come out on the best end of that one, receiving what appears likely to be a perennial All-Star in Trae Young as well as the draft pick which eventually turned into Cam Reddish. The Bears obviously ended up with Trubisky and the White Sox received James Shields in their trade for Tatis.

Secondly, the rest of the team has to be taken into consideration. I think this eliminates the White Sox from consideration as the worst of these blunders, because they still have an incredible young core which is going to compete for division titles and more for the next decade. The Hawks haven't done anything to this point with their young talent, but I'd say they're on a pretty good trajectory to have success with Young, Reddish, DeAndre Hunter and John Collins. The Bears are probably bringing up the rear in this category.

When I saw this question posed, I initially factored coaching into the equation. Would Mahomes even have been as good as he is had he landed in Chicago? So my initial answer to the worst move of the three was Doncic. But after thinking it over, Mahomes likely completely changes the course of the Bears' franchise if he's taken at No. 2 overall, regardless of who the coaches are. We're talking about a guy who already looks destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, after all.

So at the end of the day, I think the answer has to be Mahomes. But that does not ease my pain of seeing Luka in a Hawks hat.