The Nets Are Trying To Land Gregg Popovich As Their Next Head Coach Because They Are The Most Delusional Franchise Of All Time

Of all the things said and weird NBA stories, this is by far the most delusional. We've reached the stage where people are actually believing that Pop will leave the Spurs to go to the Nets.  Let me say that again - we're getting GREGG POPOVICH leaving the Spurs rumors. There's zero chance. The guy has been linked to retiring lately and has spent his entire career with the Spurs. In what world would he leave to go coach the Nets - the team with Kyrie? 

I think you can make a legit case that Pop is the best coach in NBA history from a developmental, in-game, drafting, etc standpoint. Yes he had Tim Duncan, but he also found and developed guys like Parker, Manu, Boris Diaw, he traded for Kawhi, etc. Now you're telling me he wants to go deal with Kyrie? That's actually something I'm rooting for now because Pop would lose his shit right away. I'm just picturing Kyrie walking in the locker room and going on a flat earth rant or that story of Kyrie responding to Brad Stevens saying good morning with 'what does government mean to you?'

And sure, of course the Nets should make a run at Pop. But they are the goddamn Nets. They are irrelevant even with KD and Kyrie. The Knicks are a goddamn shitshow and still mean more to the city than the Nets ever will. Nobody actually cares about the Nets except for Celtics fans cheering against Kyrie. 

It just doesn't make any sense for Pop to leave. Yeah, the Spurs are in a bit of a rebuild - using that term loosely, but it's the Spurs. But Pop is 71 years old. Why would he want to deal with that when he can just retire and Bill Self can then coach the Spurs, which is my second favorite rumor that is always floating around. Either way, I'm setting the line at .1% and hammering the under.