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Wake Up With the Trailer for the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’

I’ve written about this before, back when the teaser trailer was first released back in the spring.

But to review, the Snyder Cut of “Justice League” is the long rumored, almost mythologized version of the movie that Zack Snyder never got to finish because well into production, he had a family tragedy and had to leave the project. Warner Brothers was reportedly unhappy with how the movie was coming along anyway, and replaced him with Joss Whedon, who came in and did what Joss Whedon does: Lightened the tone, and added snappy dialogue to make it more jokey. He also shortened it from what was supposed to be two movies and made them into one. The result was a sloppy, inconsistent mess, with weird tonal shifts and a story that loses its narrative sense along the way.  Ultimately, it was a chimera, with the body of a grim adult action movie and the head of quippy family superhero film.

So now Snyder’s original vision is gradually being revealed. I can’t believe he’s going with “Hallelujah” again, since it’s so been done to death. (In part thanks  to Snyder himself, who already used it in “The Watchmen.”) But still. It’s got Darkseid as the villain, who’d been cut from the original. The Flash’s love interest is in there. More backstory on Cyborg, including his football career and what looks like the death of his dad. And of course Superman in his black supersuit. The DCCU needs to put together a string of wins. “Wonder Woman ‘84” looks like it has all the potential to start a streak. And hopefully the Snyder Cut will keep some momentum going so we can forget these past misfires ever happened.