The Celtics Easily Sweep That Sorry Excuse For A Professional Basketball Team You May Know As The Sixers

I'd like to start off this blog with an apology. I'm sorry that heading into this series I blogged about the Sixers being a worthy opponent. How I wasn't going to fall into the trap of thinking this was going to be a sweep because I'd rather respect my opponent in an effort to not mess with the Basketball Gods. I'm sorry. You all were right to do that and I was a fool. I should have known that deep down this is a fraud franchise with fraud elite talent. Every day we hear about Joel Embiid is a top 15 player in the league but he couldn't even carry his team to one (1) win? He couldn't completely dominate on both ends for a full 48 minutes like he's supposed to? Not only that, he he no showed every single second half in each one of their losses. There were 4 of those if you're not the best at math. 

I'm just glad the Celts took care of business so we could be done with these bums. The last thing I need is this team playing any meaningless games and risk a potential injury. The Sixers are trash, they were trash all season, they were trash in the restart, and they were trash in the playoffs. Who cares about them. They have to blow it all up anyways. The Process is getting a sequel, I'm sure it'll work out better this time around. 

But in this world, Jayson Tatum looks fantastic. Jaylen Brown has been terrific all bubble. Kemba Walker looks healthier than ever and is back to his old self. The regular rotation players on this team have now won 8 straight games. Now we see what they can do against a real NBA team. One with real elite talent and a real head coach. There is pretty much nothing you can take away from this series because the Raptors are an entirely different beast. The Celts will have to play a whole lot better if they hope to make it out of that series.

I know this though. Sweeping feels fucking fantastic and the fact that it came against the Sixers is just the cherry on top. Another year of not getting past the second round, another year of all bark and no bite, it's the Sixers way. Wonder what they'll come up with next year when nothing changes despite having a different coach.

Just keep trusting that process baby, it's bound to work out one of these years!

Bring on Toronto.