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Get Your Sunday Started By Watching A Bunch Of Kobe Bryant Tributes For His Birthday

There are still very few things that can cut me to the core more than seeing Kobe with Gigi in these videos. Look, sometimes you just need a good cry on a Sunday morning before you get into the day. It's not even the love of Kobe or anything like that. It's just seeing Kobe as a dad, husband, son, etc but also the fact that he's the sports tragedy of our generation. I still hear my dad and uncles talk about Thurman Munson, feel like our kids will say the same with us and Kobe. We got a hell of a sports Sunday here too - NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, MLB, Indy 500, Champions League Final, Final Round of the Northern Trust, SummerSlam. A little bit of something for everyone.

Still insane that Kobe is dead. I know it's the most overplayed way to phrase things but the fact that it happened in 2020 still throws me for a loop. Feels so long ago sitting and seeing the news and still just feels surreal. Whether you were a Kobe fan or not (I wasn't as a player), he resonated with us. He's one of the guys that most people my age (33) grew up with through our true formative years. We all cheered for or against them in the NBA Finals.