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White Sox vs. Cubs Round II LIVE BLOG!!!

The White Sox unzipped their pants last night to the tune of 6 home runs against the lowly, lifeless Cubs:

Almost a half a mile worth of dingers: 

An all out assault on baseballs, and for as good as the offense was, Keuchel kept pace with them from start to finish: 

And tonight, we run it back against Kyle Hendrick's, who I personally love to watch pitch as a baseball fan. That said the White Sox offense is on another planet right now, shitting on everything in sight. Carl had to eat 10 dogs and drink 10 beers last night thanks to Lester. Tonight one of us will have to run/walk an equal amount of miles to the score differential immediately following the game. I'm not worried at all for two reasons: 

A. I'm a marathon runner and unless the Sox lose by like 30+ runs, I'll be fine
2. The White Sox saw the ball VERY well against Hendrick's about a month back
D. The White Sox are a better team

I said what I said and none of the above is up for debate. We're cranking it live from Declan's. GO SOX