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Northeastern Poll Results About Partying During The Pandemic Were Leaked To Northeastern U Officials: Those Officials Contacted The Students’ Parents With Threats

Northeastern University in Boston is trying to stay ahead of the curve. Students will start moving in next week, but the school caught wind of a poll on social media by a first-year student asking his classmates whether they planned to attend parties when they got to school. Despite restrictions by the university, 115 said yes and 640 said no, according to Renata Nyul, a school spokeswoman.

When the pollster was contacted by the school, he turned over all the names of the students who said “yes.” On Friday, Northeastern sent an email to the students and their parents dressing them down: “You have displayed a disregard for health and safety measures, jeopardized our chances to keep our community safe, and increased the possibility that you and others—including your classmates—might not be able complete the semester,” the school wrote.

Blog portion for partiers only: Well goodness gracious. Can’t imagine that pollster is gonna be invited to any of those sick-add parties by acting like a fucking pussy ass bitch. Dude, we’re young and healthy. If old ass a Portnoy can beat Covid like he does our ex girlfriend’s cheeks, so can we. It’s one party, folks. Relax. It’s not even a big deal. I dare them to try to kick me out for that. My dad is an attorney and has nothing but time to litigate. I won’t even need a degree when he’s done because our degree of wealth will be astronomical lol. Seriously tho. I’ll be rich, bitch. Imagine how much I’ll party then.

Blog for normal people: this dude is gonna be getting mask-on blow jibbers for the rest of his long, healthy life. WAM (wet ass mouth).  Fucking idiots on the other side. Most of us know we gotta chill so we can get back to life as usual. Like ole Billy Football said, we can’t wait until the pandemic is over in the future so we can bump Future during March Madness.