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For The First Time In Recorded History We Are Going To Have Two Hurricanes Hit The Same Area At The Same Time

2020 is the Michael Jordan of years. It's like Earth has been watching us be absolute fucking assholes for over a century now and it's just had enough. 2020 has beefs with us and just when you think it's about to relent there's a second wave, or a plague, or fires, or everyone on the planet hating each other and now...double scoop of a hurricane. 2020 is constantly pushing itself to the limit. An unrelenting, merciless, sonofabitch that is inventing new ways to crush anything that stands in its way. 

It's like this bitch Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical depression 14 are in a race to see who can get to the gulf coast to fuck shit up first. Oh, and there's something called a Fujiwhara Effect which just sounds scary too. 

Ominous to say the least. The hits just keep on coming. Good luck to the Gulf. Stay safe.