Weekend Wake Up: Andre Johnson Whooping Up On Cortland Finnegan

This was one of the better NFL fights we've seen in sometime. Cortland Finnegan never backed down from anyone, guy would tangle with a tiger if he had the chance. But I think this is one beef he regretted getting into. He and Andre Johnson had some good AFC South matchups over the years, and I'm sure some words were shared during that time. They were getting into it during the game, jawing back and forth and then the helmet gets pulled off. No harm no foul, helmets come off sometimes. Johnson gave him a nice shove, but it's aright, onto the next play. That is when it gets spicy. Finnegan goes RIGHT at him and Johnson goes for the helmet. They go at it immediately and since it was a run play the other way, these two were all alone and got to square off for a bit. You could tell Johnson had some pent up anger against Finnegan because he was beating him like he owed him money. Finnegan tosses Johnson's helmet and seemed to be smiling? Like he won? Andre then PULVERIZES Cortland's face. Finnegan gets up CLAPPING AFTER HE JUST GOT ABUSED!!!! I love the Titans and loved Finnegan, but come on man, you cant get your ass whooped and then get up clapping like that. That's not how it works.