I Haven't Seen A Beating Like That Since Someone Stuck A Banana Down My Pants And Turned A Monkey Loose!!!

If this picture doesn't perfectly incapsulate what just happened at Wrigley Field tonight, I don't know what does. Holy fuck was that a beat down. Absolutely hilarious, the game was over from the very first pitch. The only bad part is is that Keuchel didn't throw a Maddux because the Cubs scrapped together a few cheap hits in the 8th inning that blessed them a run. Other than that, sheer and utter domination. 6 in a row. This team fucks. The White Sox are here for the long haul. Pray for the fucking league

Carl has to finish like 100 hot dogs and 100 beers because the Cubs got their dicks stomped so badly tonight. If you're into watching dudes drink beer and eat hot dogs on a Friday night, tune in: