The Nate Dogg Show Will Be On NBC Saturday Night

After the Stars bounced the Flames last night, I realized that tomorrow would be the first day without an NHL game since Bubble Hockey started three weeks ago. Well the NHL must've realized what a squandered opportunity it would be to not take advantage of a Saturday night primetime slot on NBC to showcase the product. So Game 1 of Dallas vs. Colorado will be on tomorrow night at 8. 

But it's not just about showcasing the game. It's also about showcasing the best player in the bubble as well as one of the best on the planet, Nathan McKinnon. The Nate Dogg has been an absolute beast for awhile now but his playoff performances have been on another level. 

He's been a treat to watch and there no reason to think he'll slow down one iota.

Can't wait for more. Wonder if he's imitating Biz here...