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Taking You Into The Weekend With The Best Of Logo Lillard's Deep Threes

Few players have taken over the bubble like Damian Lillard, mostly because he's been unleashing it from 35 feet on the regular and barely touching the rim. It's insane to watch and your instincts want to tell you it's a bad shot, but then you remember this is Logo Dame we're talking about here. The man that has made 54 threes from 30ft THIS SEASON. Pretty sure he shot over 40% too. Numbers that truly make no sense but here we are. These are like layups to Dame and a huge part of why he's one of the most terrifying players in the entire NBA when he's locked in and in a zone. One of those players where you truly believe everything he throws up is going to drop.

So what better way to send us into the weekend than the best of his deep bombs from the year. Chances are we'll be getting more of these bad boys in the Lakers series, and I'll continue to shake my head in awe every single time.