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The Parents Of Big Ten Football Players Held A Protest Today That Had More Media Members Covering It Than People Protesting

I'm all for the right to protest! I'm also all for the right of making fun of what appears to be a sad protest. That's what happened today outside of the Big Ten offices. 

Let's lay the background for you. 

>Big Ten cancels the season.

>#WeWantToPlay movement starts thanks to players from every conference across the nation.

>Parents of Big Ten players come together.

>Justin Fields releases Big Ten petition:

>Big Ten parents plan a protest:

>Nebraska parents threaten to sue Kevin Warren:

Today was the protest and I'm not sure how many people they expected to turn out, but I would assume they thought they'd have more protestors than media members:

"The peaceful show of force" did not seem to work:

This comes just 48 hours after Kevin Warren released a statement reminding everyone that the Big Ten will not play this fall, no matter what Sir Yacht says.

P.s. Have we given up on Sir Yacht yet? Or are we still holding out hope. I, for one, am holding out hope.