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Watching Nick Wright Squirm While Trying To Spinzone His Jayson Tatum Take Brings Me So Much Joy

Listen, I know this is me eating the trash. I know I should ignore this stuff. But I can't. Not with the Celts up 2-0 and Jayson Tatum playing the way he has ever since the restart began and even more so through two games of this Sixers series. For a guy that has done nothing but slander Jayson Tatum for years, I couldn't wait to see how he tried to spinzone things now that he's been proven wrong time and time again. Here's a quick reminder of what we're dealing with

You get the idea. So what does he do in his first opportunity to admit he couldn't have been more wrong? He admits it right? HA! of course not. He scrambles and now shifts the argument to say he's not a star the same way Donovan Mitchell isn't a star. He even goes so far to say Mitchell IS MORE ACCOMPLISHED BY ANY METRIC at this stage of his career than Tatum. I'm sorry, but does Nick think the world doesn't have eyes or the internet? 

Has Donovan Mitchell ever been the focal point of a team that reached a conference finals? No. He's never gotten past the second round. Has Mitchell ever won a player of the month award? What metrics are these that Nick Wright is talking about? Points per game or some shit? The fact that he just can't admit what the rest of the world sees is what makes this so enjoyable to me. He'll throw anything out there just to avoid admitting he's wrong. You have to respect it. 

I know we still have a long way to go in this postseason and a ton can change. I just couldn't resist. You know the second Tatum has an off game nobody will be louder about it than Nick Wright, but in the meantime he's left to do nothing but try and spinzone his own terrible take. I have to admit, it's fun watching him squirm. 

Now, for your viewing pleasure, let's just remind ourselves of what a "non star" looks like


Can't forget this all timer too. Talk about a swing and miss. Woof