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Obi Toppin Highlights (WAKE UP WITH)

You might have missed it but the Bulls basically got the 1st overall pick last night by winning the 4th overall pick. I know that's confusing but when you're locked in at #7 for all of eternity, then 4th overall looks a little bit different. 

In this case we're all jacked up because the pundits, experts, professionals and scouts all agree that Obi Toppin is the perfect guy for the Bulls. From college uniform color schemes to being really fucking good to already fitting into whatever kind of broke ass scheme the Bulls run these days. Everyone and anyone is saying that Obi Toppin is the guy and I'm on board even if he kinda sounds like a Lord Of The Rings character stuck in a bad Star Wars sequel. FEED ME THE MEMES. 

What else do we like about this guy:

- Offensive minded big guy that can jump out of the gym, make passes and hit open jumpers in the league starting tomorrow

- Great pick & roll partner for Coby and a completely different change of pace from Lauri 

 - Probably not going to do shit defensively which is fine because it's the NBA and I can't complain about everything

- Finishes around the rim with both hands which I think is a fancy way of saying this guy absolutely THUNDERS down the middle

- He's not going 7th overall

That's my analysis. Give me Obi Toppin and start printing the next batch of 6 banners.