Neymar And His Teammates Posted An IG Making Fun Of His Girlfriend's Ex-Boyfriend, Insults The Dude (A Singer) So Bad He Deletes Instagram

So here's the video that started it all: 

So here's the backstory. Neymar is dating Natalia Barulich (pictures to come don't worry). Hard rule though - if you're named Natalia, you're hot. That's just a hot name. Natalia used to date Maluma. If you go by a single name, you gotta be a singer or wrestler and you're probably a bit weird. Seal, Sting (both wrestler/singer), Goldberg, Madonna, etc. Maluma is a Colombian singer who released a song called 'Hawai' which is apparently about Natalia. 

Still with me? So Neymar and PSG teammates decided to have a little fun after their Champions League semifinal win and mock Maluma with his song playing. Nice little game of mental warfare and good for Neymar to have his teammates involved. That's just how you grow as a club. It also led to Maluma's fucking own management group asking what happened to him when he deleted his Instagram: 

I didn't expect to find someone softer than Neymar out here in the social media streets, but here we are. All over Natalia: 

And that was talking soccer - kind of.