The San Diego Padres Are The First Team In MLB History To Hit A Grand Slam In Four Straight Games

This is why you swing 3-0 with the bases loaded. You don't know how many times in your career you might hit a Grand Slam. You need to take it whenever the opportunity presents itself. You also don't know when you might be the first to start a historic chain of slams, you just never know. 

This right here is the baseball gods telling the Texas Rangers and their unwritten rules to go fuck themselves the long way. You want to cry about Fernando Tatis being cool? Well now you're stuck in fucking Groundhog's Day. Every day you go out there, you play the Padres, and someone blasts a grand slam right in your dickhole. There's nothing the Rangers can do to stop this. For some reason they only play the Padres now. And the Padres are 360 Windmill Dunking on them from the free throw line at every chance they get. HOW DO THE RANGERS PITCHERS KEEP LOADING THE BASES? It's unfathomable they could be this bad. At this point you just have to balk intentionally and let the runner on third score just to save face. 

So congrats to the Texas Rangers on becoming the first team in Major League Baseball HISTORY to yield a grand slam to the same opponent for FOUR STRAIGHT games. Some things you just truly, genuinely, hate to see.