Who Would You Want To See In A 30ft Shooting Contest?

As I blogged about yesterday, the debate as to who is the better shooter from deep between Dame vs Steph is what's hot in the internet streets nowadays. I find it a little ridiculous but hey, welcome to the internet. There is no doubt both are lights out from 30ft+ and honestly I would rather watch a battle like this during All Star Weekend than some of the events we have at the moment (cough cough Skills Competition). 

So then I started thinking if this ever did happen, who else should be included? We can't just have Dame vs Steph, let's open it up to all the league's awesome shooters. Here's my list

1. Trae Young

Duh. One of the few players in the league that should absolutely be included in the conversation if we're talking about guys who have ridiculous range. I'd say Dame/Steph/Trae are the three guys who have legit logo range and show it on a consistent basis. Sounds like he wants in as well

2. Davis Bertans

Need the Latvian Laser in this thing. You can't have a shooting contest and not include someone named the Latvian Laser. Pretty sure that's in the NBA bylaws. Just like Trae Young he wants in too

3. Duncan Robinson

Did you know Duncan Robinson is shooting 50% this season from 30+ feet? Yeah so what if it's only 1-2, 50% is 50%. Also, did you see him make 7 threes today? He's in for me.

4. Devonte Graham

This name might surprise you because chances are you are not part of the 10 people that actually watch the Hornets play basketball. But the facts are facts and this season Graham went 9-20 from 30-34ft. He may not be a household name when it comes to deep range, but I imagine that'll change relatively soon.

5. D'Angelo Russell

Another name that may surprise you, but I'm partial to guys who have the guts to actually shoot it from this distance. Russell fits that bill with 37 attempts from 30-34ft and he made them at a 35% clip. Plus part of me just wants to give Minnesota fans something positive to root for cuz ya know….their team kinda stinks. 

So who would I pick to win the contest? It's a little complicated. I think Steph is the best shooter and probably has the best overall range of the bunch, but I can't ignore how much these deep threes are part of Dame's game. He's so comfortable from that distance and made 54(!!!!!!!) from 30-40ft this season. Compare that to 61 for Curry over his entire CAREER. So because we're just talking about a hypothetical contest, my money is on the guy who takes and makes a shit ton. Have to roll with Dame on this one.

Do you agree? Would you replace anyone on my list? I know you love a fake internet basketball debate just like I do so let's hear it