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"Sound Travels"- Bryson DeChambeau Just Asked Someone To Talk Quieter So He Can Concentrate

Another day, another moment where Bryson DeChambeau acts like a petulant child and makes even more people hate him. It's honestly impressive at this point. This is a guy who clearly wants to be liked and yet everything he does makes people dislike him. We've been saying it forever but it's time for him to fully lean into the villain role. That's clearly the role he's the best suited for. He's AWESOME at being the villain. He's so good at being the villain that he's become the villain without trying but for some reason he doesn't want to be the villain. Because only Bryson could yell at a fan to be quiet when there are no fans allowed at sporting events. Only the greatest villain could make that happen. And only Bryson would tell the people to be quiet by saying, "sound travels" That's such a condescending thing to say to someone who you think is being too loud. It's somehow more insulting than telling someone to shut the fuck up. Bryson's brain is always thinking in science terms so he had to throw that in there at the end. Without fail every single week Bryson does something to attract negative attention to himself. It's incredible. I can't wait to see what's next!