Pacers: Always Good, NEVER Good Enough

Game 2 was the epitome of being a Pacers fan. 

Every fucking time there was a chance to go on a run, get back in the game, take a lead we kick the ball of our own fucking foot right into the hands of a wide open Duncan Robinson for a wide open three which is a layup for him. 

Being a Pacers fan is perpetually being down 8 points so you think you're kind of in it only for the above scenario to happen and you realize they're never going to make it happen. 

They'll always be right in the thick - Just good enough to tease you, to get you some extra playoff games and normally have Bankers Life end the year making some profit because of some extra ticket sales, but let's be real - they'll never, EVER take the final step. 

Malcom Brogdon is solid. TJ Warren is good. Victor Oladipo is good. They're deeper than most teams. But they'll never be the team people are scared of. Let's just be real. As long as they "play the right way" and "hustle" then majority of the casual Indiana fans will be happy enough to go spend money downtown. 

Wake up call to Victor Oladipo, too. Dude isn't even close to worth however much he thinks he is. He's been just another guy since he's come back. Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro have been better and then some yet this dude thinks he's going to go join some super team. 

And he probably will. He'll probably be in Miami or New York once he becomes a free agent, and we'll be sitting here in Indiana reliving the same reality we've been living for so long. 

Always good, but never good enough.