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A Swingers Festival In England Got Permission To Happen, But Sex Is Banned ... So Uh, What The Hell Is There Do Then?

[DailyMail] - Swingers booking tickets for an annual two-day festival have been told the event is still going ahead despite Covid-19 fears - but sex will be banned. 

The Swing Fest will be held at the HU9 club in Hull, East Yorkshire, after the city council gave it the green light despite fears over coronavirus restrictions. 

The sold out event is planned for the weekend of August 30 with tickets costing £40 for a couples or single ticket and £20 for a single female ticket.

Now wait just a damn minute here. Guys can't buy a single ticket to this? Actually, you know what, that's fine. That checks out. That's actually probably the way it should be. No one wants a single guy wandering around a swingers event. But back to the main point of the blog here. 

What do swingers do if they can't have sex with other people? I assume they are like me during this past March with no NCAA Tournament. You just stare off into the distance a lot, you're moody, you're cranky, you're just off. Because they can't even fool around. The rules are specifically 'no sexual conduct of ANY kind.' Can't even catch a blowjob or fingerblast someone. So you just sit around and like talk about doing it? That doesn't seem even remotely fun. 

All I know is whenever I see swingers or gangbang or orgy, I just think of Old School

But my point stands. If this is called SwingFest and it's swingers only festival, what the hell do you do? I need actual answers here. It's not like it's a vacation or anything like that. Maybe you just handle it like an interview process. Treat it like a Draft Combine and start the scouting process. Exchange cards and stats. I'd love for someone to show up with personalized baseball card stats but for swingers. Numbers of orgasms, number of times swinging, etc. That would get my attention as a swinger.