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Losing Giant Jenga On Stool Streams Due To The 2-Hand Rule Is Most Erroneous Thing That's Ever Happened To Me

ERRONEOUS! ERRONEOUS ON BOTH COUNTS! Yesterday The General and I battled the weirdest duo since Scooby & Shaggy in Brandon Walker & Nate on the newest edition of Stool Streams Jenga. It was a hard fought game- history was actually made as the 40 blocks used were the longest game of Jenga in Stool Streams' young history. It was a hell of a time, but ended on a sad note. And by a sad note I mean on a bullshit 2-handed rule. Obviously in Jenga you shouldn't be using 2 hands to take a block! Outside of that what's it matter if I use 2 hands when I'm simply walking around with it after already doing the hard part & getting the block out. A Despicable way to lose. I cannot wait for the rematch with those bastards.

And now we're live in Verdansk.  

Come thru.