Get Ready For The NBA Draft Lottery With Kirk Hinrich Highlights

I woke up Seeing Red this morning like a lot of you because I didn't have a choice. The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight and that means the Bulls get another chance at picking 7th for the approximate 26th year in a row (or the 3rd). Either way we've become accustomed to the back half of the top 10 for too long now and in the spirit of that tradition, I want you guys to get dialed in on one of the great Bulls and 7th overall picks of my lifetime, Kirk Hinrich. 

People forget that Kirk Hinrich almost beat Carmello Anthony in the 2003 NCAA Championship, or that he reigns from the #1 Midwestern Metropolis area with a captive population between 50-200k. Or that the Bulls were THISCLOSE to getting Dwyane Wade instead or that Thibs defensive strategy never works without a guy like Captain Kirk picking up the ball at half court. Lots of reasons to remember Kirk Hinrich, but so often it's because he would sacrifice body over mind time & again to give his best effort. I don't know what Leadership looks like to you but here he is tackling LeBron James in the open court

Obviously we like that a lot which is why I want to pivot back to the NBA Draft lottery tonight. This is the first big moment in the new Bulls history with the chance of changing the next few years instantly. Or it could continue to set us back in overwhelming mediocrity as we watch countless superstars land in significantly underwhelming markets. Either way, it's a big fucking deal and the fact we go into it without GarPax is such a real relief. Wouldn't be surprised if Adam Silver instinctively awarded the Bulls with the next 3 straight #1 overall picks for no other reason than Reinsdorf finally grew the balls to shitcan those jabronis. That was awesome. 

Anyways, we got a lottery tonight and I need everyone giving their best effort. No clue what that means, just be dialed in for me when the time comes.