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The Rest of the Cards


Last summer on the now-deceased Yak Aftershow, I was in the middle of reading the categories to my makeshift trivia game show when I faced the sudden realization that I was likely on pace to get cancelled if I continued the broadcast. Here are the ones I made it through:

Dunkin’ Donuts New Poppyseed Bagel

The Opioid Crisis in Massachusetts

Early 2000s Middle School Dance Hits 

The Rise and Fall of R. Kelly 

Are Kelly Kapowski and Zach Morris the Hottest Television Couple of all Time?

Can Leveon Bell Save the Jets?

Sam Darnold’s Personal Life 

Private Jets 

The Mile High Club

The Dangers of Sex in a Hot Air Balloon

“Pop! Goes the Weasel” and Other Children’s Classics 

Jack in the Box’s New BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger 

Railroad Food 

Transcontinental Breakfast 

Caitlyn Jenner’s Favorite Hotel Waffles 

Belgian Growth Hormones (And Other Western European PEDs)

Brussel Sprouts 

Things Your Parents Made You Finish Before Dessert

Boston Cream Pies 

The Incest Crisis in Massachusetts 

Is Tom Brady the Best Patriot of All Time?

George Washington’s Greatest Roles

The Rise and Fall of the One Dollar Bill

“Making it Rain” and Other Strip Club Trends

Mother Nature’s Vagina

Was Mona Lisa a Lesbian?

The Portrait Orientation Lock

How to Expand Your Views on Pornography

Interracial Sects

The History of the Black Mass

African American Popes

Kerry Washington’s Greatest Roles 

Famous Scandals

Michael Jackson’s Google History 

Is it Possible to Get Consent from a Baby

Unsolicited Circumcision 

Why Did Wesley Snipes Get Cut from the New Blade Cast?

White Men Can’t Jump and Other Caucasian Stereotypes

The Rise and Fall of Christopher Reeve

“Old Town Road” And Other Smash Hits Involving Horses


Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to reveal what was originally on those cards (they have been shredded/burned/flayed), but here are some appropriate-for-work alternative categories that could follow "OLD TOWN ROAD" AND OTHER SMASH HITS INVOLVING HORSES while keeping the same general theme of the show. (Pretend to read them in my game show host voice and cadence)















Which category do you think you'd be the most knowledgable in?