You'll Never Guess What Zach Smith Named His Baby


That's all I've got for you on this. 2020 is such a weird time. But between the coronavirus and March Madness getting cancelled and murder hornets and Kanye running for President and everything that's gone on, this might be the weirdest.

Zach Smith, who was fired by Urban Meyer over domestic abuse allegations, who then in turn got Meyer suspended for his handling of the situation, which then in turn led to, in my eyes, and unnecessary early retirement, just named his kid Urban Meyer Smith. The only thing weirder would've been a Brett McMurphy Smith.

I mean, Zach Smith might think that he is honoring Urban Meyer by doing this....but there's no doubt Urban Meyer is pissed this happened. He's gotta want to distance himself from this train wreck as much as humanly possible. And now they share the same name. And what's up with the blue outfit? He's named after Coach Meyer but he wouldn't even be allowed inside one of his practices!! 

Alright….I guess it's time to come clean. Zach Smith was just kidding, folks. His new son is actually named Luke:

Nice joke, Zach. Just like your career. 

"Honored to guide him through life and help him become an outstanding little boy, a respectful kid and a genuine and honorable man" -- like father like son, right Zach? Yeeeeeesh.