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Last Night There Was a Huge Freshman Party In The Middle Of Syracuse University And Now The School Is Threatening To Shut Down Campus And Send Everyone Home

Syracuse Freshman are spending their first week away from mommy and daddy right now, so what did they do? Mobbed the quad in the middle of campus and had a gigantic freshman party. Hell yeah! Who could ever think this was a bad idea? Oh I don't know, anyone with a functioning brain? 

Here was the letter the vice chancellor sent to everyone this morning. 

Fuckers are going to get everyone sent home before classes even start because they don't know any better. I mean what'd you expect was going to happen when thousands of 18 year olds, who have been trapped in their homes the past 5 months, got unleashed to the free world to do as they please. You really think they were going to abide by the rules and keep away from each other? It's college. That's literally impossible to think. Your first week in college is complete anarchy. You are free from your parents for the first time and have zero responsibilities until classes start up. It's mayhem.  

So now what's going to happen? Just like UNC, I assume everything will be suspended and classes will be held online for the semester. The university collects their tuition checks and the students waste away college online. Was this an elaborate scheme by the schools to open up to start and then close almost right away when shit hits the fan like this? Blame the students, get rich. I feel the most for upperclassmen that are getting this year robbed from them. It's the cruelest punishment imaginable for a bunch of people that did nothing wrong. 

I could not imagine going to college right now and I feel for you if you're in that spot. There is really no point in paying to go away to a big school right now. None. You're just straight up burning money. Either take a gap year or transfer to the cheapest school imaginable to gain some credits.

 Fuck 2020.