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Wake Up With 4 Minutes Of MLB Players Throwing Tantrums In The Dugout

We haven't really had a good dugout blow up session this season yet, still waiting on our first. I'm a sucker for these. Usually comes after a 0-4 night with 3 Ks and a GIDP. Come back to the dugout, make sure everyone clears out, and then go to town on the bat rack. Best part of this is how mostly everyone in the dugout just pretends they don't see it. Just keep looking straight and hope a ricochet doesn't get you. I've seen these too often with Chris Davis, but the bat breaks over the knee is such an alpha move. If you don't get the broken bat, you look like such a puss. Plus you're prob walking with a limp for a while. All the big names in the video were great too, showing emotion in the dugout is never a bad thing. 

PS. Sean Rodriguez on the Buccos, lunatic.