AstroFLav kindly sent me a multitude of workout supplements last week that I am very excited to try but I am a little offended by the number of fat burners they sent me. But thank you anyway Astroflav.

BTW I will stay impartial even though they were kind. Money cannot sway my integrity Only the 3 Ps and the 2 Ts. I explain what these are in the previous 2 reviews which I will put on the end of this blog. But I will reiterate. 

Power - Does it make my body feel like it can lift heavy shit (physical)

Pump - How do my muscles feel after a serious arm farm

Pissed off attitude - Does this stuff make me go Berserker mode (mental)

and the two Ts

Taste - I am going to relate the taste to whatever it tastes like

Tyrannosaurus Rex factor - speaks for itself

So we tried the Blue Lemon Ice flavor which tasted a lot like a rocket pop which went down really nicely wasn't too aggressive of a flavor but brought back good nostalgia from getting rocket pops in the park when I was a youngin. The Miami Vice 80s- NASA- Mario Galaxy vibe from the label was nice, perfectly aligned with the flavor. The vibe is probs a great aesthetic for like recreational exercise but I don’t really feel like getting under 400lbs in the squat rack with some Space vibes. I don't feel like being spaced out is a good headspace for attacking the metal u feel. like maybe ill drink this stuff before doing a lighter ab workout maybe (rare) but kinda gave me a candy ass vibe... But im pretty toxic so it may not be a problem for other people. 

Anyway drank this stuff and feed my chickens didn't get the biggest kick in the dick but a lighter full body and mind elevation to energy and ability. I did feel energize but sort of ethereal energy that definitely energized me to go through my workout and get through it and feel good while doing it- but like made me want to put on house music while working out type vibe. The pump was pretty good, veins were Poppin, not too much vascular constriction from stimulants, but not too heavy of a beta-alanine tingle either. It was a very chill pump but a pump never the less. Didn't hit any Max lifts with this and didn't feel necessarily pissed off but rather a good vibe Kygo summer house bodyweight workout high reps. This would be a great pre-workout for people who want good vibes while working out but do not want to feel their pre-workout... Definitely great for tweakers with the light stimulant load.

I feel like this pre-workout would resonate with a large percentage of the population but didn't hit the mark with me from a tyrannosaurus rex factor and pissed off attitude standpoint. Delivered in all the other categories thoroughly though, good pump, decent power (more stamina), and great taste.

3 balls