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Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman Demands To Be Fired By Dropping A HARD Slur On Live Television

Fucking YIKES. 

It's absolutely wild to work in broadcasting since the early-'90s and have this little awareness. He knew they were moments away from returning from the commercial break, which you can tell since he went so seamlessly from this candid moment to reading the promo for the Reds postgame show. He's the son of a broadcaster! Broadcasting is in this man's blood and he still couldn't help himself. That's a death sentence professionally. Can't be dropping hard slurs on live television in 2020. In a world where people get canceled for no reason whatsoever, when there is finally a reason to cancel them? You're double canceled. What an idiot. There isn't even a joke buried in here somewhere. He just needed to get that off his chest before they came back from commercial. His timing was just a little off this time. I say "this time" because I'm confident if you asked his coworkers they'd tell you this was a regular line he used for about eight different cities the Reds hit on a given year. You don't drop that line with your chest out like he did if you've never used it before. 

Thom Brennaman:

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UPDATE: He apologized and then immediately left. He gone.

Having to call a home run in the middle of your "sorry for the slur" apology is fucking hilarious.