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College Hoops Is Reportedly Pushing For Nonconference Games To Be Played In Regional Bubbles After Seeing The NBA Success

This is it! This is what I've been begging for over the last few months. Start thinking outside the box and let's figure out a way to save the college hoops season. Now, I can say these talks are for sure happening. I was talking to a coach last night who reiterated these talks happening with the idea of putting all the ESPN Tournaments in Disney, putting tournaments in a Vegas bubble and even one in the northeast. These are obviously all the Thanksgiving week ones - which is low key one of the greatest weeks of the year, even if the Maui fucked up and moved the title game to 5pm instead of the standard late night viewing. 

Now the question ends up being is this directed towards the high majors that can afford this and what happens to the mid majors? Personally, I don't give a shit. Just give us hoops, man. If I had to guess, yeah, the high majors and mid-majors that have the money will be in the bubbles more often. You'll likely see more mid-majors play a regional slate if nonconference games happen where they can bus up and back and limit money expenses. It's just the nature of the beast at this point. But again, we're getting hoops which is all that matters. 

If you want to ask why this is happening with college hoops and where college football was - it's simple. College hoops has the NABC and more importantly Dan Gavitt, who is somewhat operating as a commissioner - or as close to a commissioner in college sports we'll see. They are trying to figure out every way possible to play games, Larry Scott be damned. Having that is allowing for all these different ideas to be pitched and see what happens.

At this time - now and until the season starts - it's positive vibes only folks. We're just about a month away from finding out the plan for the college hoops season. Gavitt has been very open about the NCAA making a decision in mid-September in regards to nonconference and the season as a whole. Granted, they are talking about 100% playing the NCAA Tournament, it's just how do they do the regular season. These talks are all good things though. These are talks that show they are trying to play a season, no matter how weird it might end up being.