Nick Saban Confirms That He Does, In Fact, Tell 'Deez Nuts' Jokes

During his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, Alabama head coach Nick Saban confirmed the piece of news we've all been waiting to hear from him: he does, in fact, tell "deez nuts" jokes.

Former Crimson Tide running back Josh Jacobs originally told Patrick last fall that Saban loved to make "deez nuts" references whenever he could.

"Saban likes to do a lot of 'deez nuts' jokes," Jacobs said. "One day, I caught like five passes in a row and he was like, 'Hey Josh, if you want to hold onto the ball, hold deez.'"

So when given an opportunity to comment on Jacobs's story Wednesday, Saban all but confirmed it, saying, "At least they remember something."

Saban strikes me as a guy that is actually hilarious behind the scenes, but partly in a way that he doesn't even understand. Just Saban telling a "deez nuts" joke would have my dying laughing, not even because it's funny, but just because he thinks it's funny. I would love to hear Saban do a 10-minute stand-up set. I guarantee it would kill.

Saban actually seems like an awesome guy to play for as long as you can handle getting chewed out every now and again. I guess there's a reason the best players in the country keep going to play for him, after all.