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'You Look Like A Moron The More You Tweet.' - Listen To An LSU Radio Guy Unleash Hell On Dick Vitale

LSU vs Dick Vitale has become the most heated rivalry in college hoops. Dickie V has been on this weird rambling shit where he just goes after LSU and Arizona and doesn't attack Kansas, Auburn, etc for having the same sort of allegations. It's stupid, but it's also Dick Vitale. The biggest thing is how he screams about Rick Pitino deserving to be back in college hoops and spent yesterday talking about how great Pitino's first practice at Iona was. 

Here comes Jordy Culotta, a radio personality down in Baton Rouge. This isn't the first time we've seen a fight between the LSU radio guys and Dickie V: 

Now why did Jordy lose his shit on Dickie V yesterday? Here are some of his tweets: 

You get the point. LSU fans aren't even mad about the reporting of the news. They expect penalties and notice of allegations. It's the fact that Vitale continues to beat the drum about how LSU is cheating vs every other program not named Arizona. It's not exactly a secret that he's friends with certain people (looking at you Duke, Pitino) and will back them for life. I don't even have a problem with that! That's normal. Just admit it and we're all good.

The fact that Jordy is going at Dickie V's twitter is gold though. He's a lunatic on there. He has no idea how to film a video, typically sideways half the time. Of course he looks like a moron! I'll always love Dickie V for his love of the game and being the voice of college hoops as a kid. But man it's time for him to just be put on the 11am AAC game where he can ramble about Bobby Knight and a bunch of other bullshit that only SMU and Tulane fans will listen to.