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A Reporter Called Barstool "The Armpit Of The Smelliest Organism In The Sewer Of The Media" And I'm Afraid He Might Be Right

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"The armpit of the smelliest organism in the sewer of the media"??? 

I sat there contemplating this characterization & started to feel a little self conscious as I looked around.

We do have a mouse problem (plus the inflatable rats always out front), the radio room tends to smell like a fart, the shared kitchen, there's a mystery booger-spreader who haunts the men's bathroom, I often forget to put on deodorant to the point where I keep a spare at the office next to… oil sheets & 'gentle' laxatives (no such thing), piss jugs are celebrated & someone's even had their genitals waxed where the food usually sits on Gentleman's Fridays. 

So maybe Jeff is on to something. Maybe we are the smelly kids (30 year olds ha ha) of media. 

But that doesn't mean we're gonna take the trash-talk sitting down in our filth piles. Not today.

And watching this moon-bound brand continue to grow, it's clear to me that no matter how many people complain about us, it doesn't stink to stink. (Good one Kate. No one will be able to tell you weren't sure how to end this but needed a blog ha ha You are the armpit of bloggers.)