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Miley Cyrus Is Being Investigated By Mexico After She Used Their Flag To Whip Her Giant Prosthetic Ass On Stage

Daily Mail- Miley Cyrus is facing potential jail time for desecrating the Mexican flag, claims a new report. The 21-year-old performed a show in Monterey, Mexico, on Tuesday night where she engaged in her now standard twerking antics while wearing a comically large prosthetic bottom. Midway through her performance, Miley got down on her hands and knees as a male back up dancer whipped her rear with a Mexican flag. The incident took place during Mexican Independence Day and officials in the country are not taking kindly to the star’s disrespectful behaviour, according to TMZ. The state congress of Nuevo Leon are apparently wanting to prosecute, the crime of desecration carries serious consequences with a $1200 fine and up to 36 hours in jail time.  Meanwhile, Miley has continued to shock with her revealing costumes and rebellious antics on stage across the globe. 


First of all, a headline like that is the reason a former 14 pound baby who likes writing got into blogging in the first place as opposed to trying to make it at a traditional newspaper.  You just don’t get to write headlines like that anywhere but the internet.  Nowhere else is that headline even remotely acceptable.  Second, calm the fuck down Mexico.  You’re really gonna throw a female pop star in jail just because she smacked her ass around on your flag?  Lighthen up.  After the show I guarantee she did far worse things to your flag but it just isn’t on video.  Probably used it as ass floss while she snorted coke off a stripper’s ass.  Maybe Mexico should focus on the drug cartels and the mass graves all over the place before they start getting all up in arms about Miley Cyrus twerking while she gets violated by their flag.  Grow up.  I love Miley Cyrus.  Just hopping all over the globe, getting banned from this country, facing criminal charges in that country.  Giving zero fucks all day every day.  It gets the blood flowing in all the right directions.


By the way, are people still pretending like they wouldn’t have sex with Miley Cyrus?  Stop it.  Just stop it right now.  Always claiming she’s too nasty and gross and nasty.  Uhhhh yeah?  That’s why sex with Miley would be fucking awesome.  It’d be the grossest, most sick and disgusting lay of your life and you’d have an absolute blast.  Gotta mix one of those in from time to time.  You’d have to take at least 6 showers to wash off her sexual stink.  Sign me the fuck up.