Should The MLB Force A Fernando Tatis Jr. To The Yankees Trade?

There's only one storyline that's taking the baseball world by storm today. Scroll through your Twitter feed. Grab your local newspaper. Head to any sports blog. Turn on SportsCenter. You'll see the chatter everywhere. Should Major League Baseball step in and force a trade of Fernando Tatis Jr. to the New York Yankees? 

After his grand slam last night, swinging 3-0 despite the 10-3 lead in the eighth, Fernando Tatis Jr. has been bashed by the baseball world for breaking an "unwritten rule." It's one thing for the opposing team to take an issue with it, but Tatis' own manager and teammates seem to HATE him. This is what his own manager, Jayce Tingler, had to say after the game. 

He basically said that there was a take sign Tatis Jr. missed and that he shouldn't have swung. His own manager doesn't even have his back. Veteran Manny Machado, a mentor to Tatis, seems to absolutely detest him as well. 

Look at that sheer disappointment on his face. It wouldn't shock me if the entire Padres organization from the owner to the peanut salesman chastised Tatis for his behavior last night. Keeping Tatis would probably cause clubhouse distractions and major issues for the Padres. If they can't appreciate a young superstar having fun and growing the game of baseball, perhaps they should send him to a team that would? 

Enter the New York Yankees. 

While Jayce Tingler scolds Tatis Jr. for this move, Yankees manager Aaron Boone will welcome him with open arms. Fernando Tatis Jr. is a young, shining star who has become one of the faces of baseball. He shouldn't toil away in San Diego where he gets no respect. He belongs under the bright lights of New York City, playing for the most storied franchise in sports history. 

One could also make the argument that the Yankees might even, dare I say, deserve Fernando Tatis Jr.? If not for the Yankees storied history and success, who knows what baseball would look like today. Would the San Diego Padres, a lowly expansion team, even exist? It's honestly a fair debate to have. 

Rob Manfred has messed up a lot of things with baseball. This is a chance for him to right some of those wrongs. He should step in and force the Padres to send Tatis to the Yankees. Now, I'm not a monster. The Padres will obviously have to get something in return. How about the Yankees #29 prospect, second baseman Ezequiel Duran? 

Fernando Tatis Jr. belongs in pinstripes. A superstar player for a superstar franchise. While the Padres scold Tatis, we will open him with open arms. The New York Yankees are known for being a winning franchise that would never limit a player's freedom and individuality. It's a match made in Heaven. 

He will have to cut his dreads though.