Mic'd Up NHL Ref Videos Are Always A Treat

We've stroked off the players and the league a bunch on Spittin' Chiclets for making the bubble happen. And they're most certainly deserving of the praise for pulling off what they've pulled off thus far. We're going on three weeks in the two bubbles and the league hasn't had a positive test. The TV and game presentations have been excellent. Most importantly, the games have been intense, thrilling, and overwhelmingly fantastic.

But the NHL refs and linesmen are equally worthy of the same praise because without them, these games don't happen. These guys also have to leave their families and friends for potentially up to two months to do a tough and underappreciated job. Like everyone else in the bubble, they're working their asses off.

That's why I dig the video above. It gives us a great peek inside the game and shows the refs and linesmen as they widely are---good shits who are busting their asses and are (mostly) well-respected/appreciated by the guys they're keeping an eye on. There's some good stuff going on in those interactions (like Vladislav Gavrikov's "thank you for the lesson"). 

Now we need a video full of "Fuck you!" fights between refs and coaches.