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If You're Looking For Some High-Quality Semen, These Influencers Are Giving It Away!

New couples are formed every single day thanks to social media. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before a baby's origin story started with, "Mommy was casually cruising through Instagram when fate stepped in and presented me with a sperm giveaway. I decided to take a chance because a wise man once said 'you miss 100% of the shots you don't take,' so I liked the post, and *boom* here you are!" 

A bit unorthodox, sure, but with all the dumb shit influencers push and giveaway, this is one thing that will definitely be put to good use. (The semen, not the baby.) 

However, I am a bit curious as to how this partnership between the influencers and the sperm bank developed in the first place. Did they have too much semen laying around and one day decide to promote their services in order to get rid of some? Can you ever have too much semen? Do they feel bad for regulars who donate all the time, but are never selected by parents-to-be? Have they ever witnessed a sperm high-jacking like The Switch

Giphy Images.

My sperm questions could go on and on, so instead I'll just say congrats to the lucky lady/couple whose baby wish comes true because of these influencers. I hope you're half as happy as they appear to be.