Some Folks Think I'm A Commie For Pointing Out the Chinese Government is Authoritarian

I fired off a tweet last night that has put many people's brains in a pretzel. The point of the tweet was that it is in fact, dumb, to use a giant pool party in Wuhan as justification for why everything in the US should immediately go back to normal. The reason Wuhan is throwing pool parties now (without a mask in sight) is because they had the most authoritarian/brutal lockdown in the world, which I'd never be a proponent of in the US.) Wuhan (a city of 11 million people) essentially got the Bane bridges blown treatment. 

(1:55-2:10 of this clip)

This what lockdown looked like in Wuhan:

Starting within hours of the announcement, transport into and out of the city was closed, with no exceptions even for personal and medical emergencies. Schools and universities were already on holiday, but that was extended indefinitely.

All shops shut except those selling food or medicine. Private vehicles were barred from the roads without special permission, and most public transport stopped, leaving the streets empty and silent.

Initially people were allowed out of their homes, but restrictions soon tightened. Some areas limited outings to one family member every two days to buy necessities. Others barred residents from leaving, requiring them to order in food and other supplies from couriers.

Later the policy became even more aggressive, with officials going door to door for health checks, and forcing anyone ill into isolation. A disabled boy reportedly died after he was left without food, water or help when his his father and brother were quarantined.

There are also videos of authorities in Wuhan welding apartment doors shut to keep people contained. 

Would most of these lockdown strategies have been practical in the US? Nope. 

If New York City tried locking down in this manner there would probably be 100 times more civil unrest in this country than there already is. And as I mentioned in that tweet, even getting people to wear masks in the US has been a giant point of contention.

China obviously doesn't have free speech though so if the Government says you can't leave your apartment, you can either sit tight in your apartment or go to jail. Now this is where people are gonna get pissed at me for stating a simple fact, the lockdown in Wuhan essentially worked:

CTVnews The lockdown was lifted in April, and there have been no new domestically transmitted cases officially reported in Hubei province, where Wuhan is the capital, since mid-May.

That definitely doesn't mean I'm gonna start singing China's praises for controlling the virus though. As you may know a Chinese doctor by the name of Li Wenliang tried warning authorities about the coronavirus on December 30th and was forced by police to "stop making false comments". He later died from Coronavirus himself but if their government had heeded his advice and taken action instead of muzzling him the world would definitely have had more time to figure out how to control this thing. Now the US could've 100% done a better job of controlling the virus too but at the end of the day, I'm always gonna take my freedom as an American over living under an authoritarian government, even if it means I'd have been able to go hippo mode at a raging pool party this past weekend. Wait what am I talking about? I got to go hippo mode at a Chicago playpen party this past weekend so even that upside is off the table. Lake Michigan >>> Giant Piss Pool

As is often the case with twitter though, the nuanced point I was trying to make with that tweet, was not received well by some.

So let me make it clear for you guys one more time:
1. China locked down Wuhan in a brutally authoritarian manner that destroyed many people's live but eventually controlled the virus. Now they are having pool parties.
2. A pool party in Wuhan does not mean the US no longer has to worry about containing the virus because unlike China, we live in a free country that never did an insane Wuhan-esque lockdown (nor should we have, there are other ways to fight the virus without violating human rights).
3. I am not a communist. You'll just have to take my word for it.